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privacy policy
privacy policy
1. Private information we receive from our clients will be used for the following purposes.
To provide information related to businesses posted on our website, and for contact purposes.
To answer questions and requests from our clients.
However, if another purpose of use is specified via announcement or notification, use is not limited to the above.
2. We will not disclose or present private information received from a client to a third party, unless it applies to one or more of the following.
We receive permission from the client.
We are required to do so by law.
Disclosure to a subcontractor is required.
We notify the client in advance of the following items (if notification is difficult, then announcement or specification will be made in a manner that is easy to recognize). However, presentation of private information to a third party will be canceled if specifically requested by the client.
(A) Recipient and purpose of use
(B) Method of presentation
(C) Items to be presented
3. Send queries concerning our privacy policy to:
Main Office (The query form can be found here.)
Daido Bunseki Research, Inc. 2-30 Daido-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya 457-8545 Phone: 052-611-9434 Fax: 052-611-9948