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 Analysis & Testing Equipment Introduction
 Surface/Structure Analysis Equipment: 03-02--Field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM)--

S-4700 SU6600
Exterior View (left: Hitachi S-4700 right: Hitachi SU6600)
 Principle The surface of a solid sample is irradiated with electron beams, and the secondary electrons, backscattered electrons, and characteristic X-ray generated from the sample are then detected, observed, and analyzed.
 Usage (1) Deeper focal depth than an optical microscope
(2) Observation of sample shape, fractured surface, and microscopic area
(3) Qualitative analysis of the observed portion's chemical composition
Device specifications
Equipment name S-4700 SU6600
 Accelerating voltage  0.5 to 30kV  0.5 to 30kV
 Secondary electron  resolution  1.5nm (accelerating voltage 15kV)  1.2nm
 (accelerating voltage 30kV high vacuum mode)
 2.5nm (accelerating voltage 1kV)  3.0nm(accelerating voltage 1kV high vacuum mode)
 Backscattered electron resolution  3.0nm (accelerating voltage 15kV)  3.5nm (accelerating voltage 30kV high vacuum mode)
 Magnification  X20 - 500,000  X20 - 600,000
 Analyzed elements  5B to 92U  5B to 92U
Case examples
 SU6600 Case 1  Observation of a non-vapor-deposited ant
 SU6600 Case 2  Observation of insulating electronic components
 SU6600 Case 3  Observation of lumber with an electron microscope
 Scanning electron microscope case example  Examination of non-metallic inclusion in iron and steel, and examination of asbestos
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