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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Surface/Structure Analysis Equipment: 03-03--Electron probe micro-analyzer (EPMA)--

JXA-8900RL EPMA-1600
Exterior View (left: JEOL JXA-8900RL right: Shimadzu Corporation EPMA-1600)
 Principle The sample is placed in a vacuum and irradiated with 4nm to 100m electron beams, then the image is acquired from the intensity of characteristic X-rays, backscattered electrons, or secondary electrons generated from the measurement site.
 Usage (1) Element segregation, mapping examination
(2) Comparison of tint between elements
(3) Surface analysis
Device specifications
Equipment name JXA-|8900RL EPMA-1600
 Accelerating voltage  0.2 to 30kV  0.5 to 30kV
 Irradiation current  1x10-12 to 1x10-6A  1x10-12 to 2x10-7A
 Analyzed elements  5B to 92U  5B to 92U
 No. of WDX equipped (wavelength dispersion X-ray spectrometry)  5-channel  5-channel
 EDS (energy dispersion X-ray spectrometry)  8-element simultaneous analysis -
 X-ray take off angle  40°  52.5°
 Surface resolution  1μm  1μm
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