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 FE-EPMA Newly Established-1
 Field emission electron probe micro-analyzer

In November 2004, our company newly implemented cutting-edge JEOL-manufactured JXA-8500F type FE-EPMA for the first time as a private buisiness.
The previous EPMA model (TE-EPMA) was a thermionic emission type, with a beam diameter that could not be focused sufficiently, and had limited analysis capability for microscopic areas. Very near surface analysis was also lacking.
However, the newly introduced FE-EPMA uses a field emission type electron gun, so a small light source is possible, and resolution was greatly improved. This feature makes it possible to analyze even smaller microscopic areas.
In addition, low-speed voltage analysis is made possible, and polar surface layers can now be analyzed.
>> Device Features
Features offered by the FE-EPMA make it possible to identify extremely small precipitates and inclusions via element mapping, and also make it possible to examine grain boundary segregation etc.
FE-EPMA Analysis Examples >> Details
1. Analysis results regarding the microscopic precipitates in chromium stainless steel (Cr-SUS)
2. Analysis results of film-shaped precipitates precipitated at the grain boundary of heat-resistant steel
As indicated by the examples above, analysis of extremely small precipitates (<=1μm), intergranular segregation etc. that could not be performed adequately with the previous EPMA model, is now entirely possible with the new EPMA.
We hope you will give them a try.
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