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 FE-EPMA Newly Established-3
 FE-EPMA Analysis Examples

1. Analysis results regarding the microscopic precipitates in chromium stainless steel (Cr-SUS)
Compared to the previous thermionic emission type model, precision has increased dramatically for elemental analysis (mapping) of microscopic precipitates of 1ホシm or less.
With the TE-EPMA, we could only observe a coagulation of microscopic precipitates, but with the FE-EPMA it is possible to separate them to observe individually.

(Backscattered electron image)   (Cr)  

(Backscattered electron image)   (Cr)  
C-SUS microscopic precipitates analyzed by both new and old EPMA models
2. Analysis results of film-shaped intergranular precipitates precipitated at the grain boundary of heat-resistant steel
The FE-EPMA has clarified that the film-shaped intergranular precipitates consist of chromium carbide, and that phosphorus (P) is segregated at a portion of the grain boundary.
(Backscattered electron image) (C) (Backscattered electron image) (C)
(P( (Cr) (P) (Cr)
Intergranular precipitates in heat-resistant steel (SUH38) analyzed by new and old EPMA models
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