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 Surface/Structure Analysis Equipment: 03-05--Auger electron spectrometer, X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (AEX/XPS)--

Exterior View (V.G. Scientific VG-310F)
  Auger electron spectrometer X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
 Principle The surface of a sample is irradiated with electron beams, and element-unique electrons are emitted from the sample (Auger electrons). Energy from those electrons possesses an element-unique kinetic energy, and the spectrum of this energy is measured for element analysis. When X-ray is irradiated into the sample surface, the emitted photoelectronic kinetic energy is measured, and information regarding atoms and molecules which make up the surface, as well as chemical bond, is obtained.
 Usage (1) Collection of very near surface layer information and analysis
(2) Oxidized film, adsorption gas, and pollution analysis
(3) Depth analysis is also possible by sputtering with ions.
(1) Very near surface analysis
(2) Diffusion and adsorption of elements on solid surface are clarified.
Device specifications
Equipment name Auger electron spectrometer X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
 Analysis diameter
15 to 160nm
 Analysis depth 2nm
 Detected elements 3Li to 92U
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