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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Organic Analysis Equipment: 09-04--Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FT-IR)--

FT-IR6200FV MFT-2000
Exterior View (left: JASCO Corporation FT-IR6000FV right: JASCO Corporation MFT-2000)
 Principle When irradiating a substance with infrared rays, the infrared rays of inherent wavelengths are selectively absorbed by the substance.
When infrared signals transmitted through the substance are Fourier transformed, the infrared spectrum is obtained.
Since this infrared absorption spectrum is substance-specific, the substance can be identified by comparing to the database.
In addition, structure change analysis can be performed by changing the spectrum.
 Usage Substance structure analysis, identification of adhered matter and foreign substances
Device specifications
Equipment name FT-IR6200FV MFT-2000
Measurement frequency(cm-1)  350 - 5000  650 - 5000
Resolution(cm-1)  0.25  1
Vacuum measurement  yes  no
Mapping  yes  no
Transmission technique  yes  yes
ATR (Attenuated total reflection technique)  yes(Germanium prism)
 yes (Diamond prism)
 yes (Diamond prism)
RAS (reflection absorption spectroscopy)  yes  yes
Reflection method  yes  yes
Diffused reflection method  yes  no
Case examples
 6200FV Case 1  Low-concentration sample analysis by vacuum
 6200FV Case 2  Analysis of black rubber
 6200FV Case 3  Diffuse reflection measurement in powder form
 6200FV Case 4  Analysis of adhered matter on metal surface
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