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Physical Measurement
Physical Measurement

 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Surface/Structure Analysis Equipment: 03-09--X-ray diffractometer (XRD)--

Exterior View (Rigaku Corporation RINT-TTR III)
 Principle When irradiating an analysis sample with the X-ray of a specified wavelength, X-rays scattered by the atomic and molecular arrangement of the substance will have a unique diffraction pattern. The substance's structural components can be distinguished by the pattern that appears.
 Usage (1) Identification of inorganic and organic materials
(2) Identification of oxides and nitrides
(3) Crystallographic research of metallic materials
Device specifications
 X-ray generating parts  Tube voltage: 20 to 60kV (for Cu)
 Tube current: 10 to 300mA (for Cu)
 Target: Co, Cu
 Goniometer  2 measuring range: 0 to 154 deg.
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