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Chemical Analysis
Physical Measurement
Organic Analysis
Sample Preparation
Material Evaluation
Environmental Measurement/Analysis
Equipment List
Chemical Composition & Environmental Analysis
Structural Analysis/Shape Observation
Physical Property Measurement
Fracture, fatigue, and degradation
Foreign matter, discoloration, surface property
Corrosion, corrosion prevention
Structural Analysis/Shape Observation
 ・Examination of pore distribution in a ceramic filter
 ・Examination of conduction defects in ceramic substrate (via X-ray CT)
 ・Whisker growth from powder surface
 ・Observation of ants via electron microscope
 ・Analysis of the oxidation process via high-temperature X-ray diffraction
 ・Structural analysis of Li + battery cathode materials via X-ray diffraction (Rietveld analysis)
 ・Microstructure photos (マ?-phase, gray cast iron, nonferrous metal)
 ・Evaluation of area ratio and particle size distribution via image analysis
 ・Measurement of surface roughness via atomic force microscope (AFM)
 ・Analysis of crystal structure in oxidized titanium powder via Raman spectrometer analysis
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