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Analysis Examples
Foreign matter, discoloration, surface property
Analysis & Testing Examples: Investigation into cause of defect: J-01--Examination of defective plastic grill surfaces--
1. Surface observation
Surface observation01   Surface observation02
Part of the defect was extending from the surface, with a mark in which the protrusion had apparently broken off from.
Cu was found in the center of the mark, with Ni detected in the vicinity.

2. Cross-section observation
[Normal Portion]   [Abnormal Potion]
Cross-section observation01   Cross-section observation02
A large void was found within the Cu portion, with a gap directly below and extremely close to the Cu/plastic.
C (Mg, Si) was detected from the gap.
Moreover, the Cu plating of the defective area was very rough.

3. Conclusion
 Due to some cause (possibly depressions, impurities, etc. of plastic), the Cu plating became slanted after growing abnormally, and we inferred that Ni plating occurred on top of it causing the defect.
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