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Structural Analysis/Shape Observation
Analysis & Testing Examples: Investigation into cause of defect: J-02--Examination of conduction defects in ceramic substrate--

1. Test equipment

 Micro focus X-ray radiography system (Andolex MX-4)
 Perspective image processing equipment (Uni-Hite UH-12)

2. Test content

 (1) The X-ray radiography equipment mentioned above is used to perform fluoroscopic observation at low and high magnifications for the break point within a sample.
 (2) Observation of crack propagation

3. Test conditions

 ・X-ray tube conditions: 80kV,0.1mA
 ・Geometric magnification: About 27x, about 80x (high magnification) Focus dimension:8ホシm
 ・No. of differential processes: 256, 1,024 - 1,024 (diff) Differential move distance: 0.1mm

4. Test results

 Results of a sample observed by X-ray radiography at low magnification are shown in Figure 1, while observation results of differential process transillumination applied to the sample at high magnification are shown in Figure 2
 ・It was estimated that the cabling pattern was broken due to crack generation.

low magnification   high magnification
Figure 1: Fluoroscopic image [magnified photograph taken of dotted line portion] (low magnification) Figure 2: Fluoroscopic image (high magnification)
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