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Chemical Composition & Environmental Analysis
Structural Analysis/Shape Observation
Physical Property Measurement
Fracture, fatigue, and degradation
Foreign matter, discoloration, surface property
Corrosion, corrosion prevention
Analysis Examples
Analysis & Testing Examples: Manufacturing of new materials: M-01--Vanadium alloy for nuclear fusion reactors--
1.Alloy features
 Low radiation, high temperature strength, irradiation resistant (neutron embrittlement resistance)
2.Main components
3. Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process
4. Features
 (1) Extremely low O, N, C ingot materials due to EB, VAR melting

 (2) Good fracture toughness and weldability due to low content of impurities

 (3) Test materials meet global standards due to large valume melting

 (4) Remarkable hot and cold workability
 (at the direction of National Institute for Fusion Science, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan)



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