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Chemical Composition & Environmental Analysis
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Chemical Analysis

・For elements of atomic number 1 (H) through 92 (U), we perform high-precision analysis in a wide range, from principal component range to infinitesimal impurity range
・Target materials for analysis include iron, steel, Ni alloy, Co alloy, Cu alloy, Ti alloy, Al alloy, as well as fire-resistant materials, ceramics, etc.
・When local, on-site analysis is needed, we can utilize our mobile analysis machinery to get the job done under such circumstances.

・Wet analysis
  Wet chemical analysis methodz
  Atomic absorption photometer (frame type)
  Atomic absorption photometer (frameless type)
  Plasma emission spectrophotometer (ICP)
・Instrumental analysis
  Classification, applied elements, specimen geometry, other
  Carbon, sulfur analyzer
  Oxygen, nitrogen analyzer
  Hydrogen analyzer
  Fluorescent X-ray analyzer
  Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  Emission spectrophotometer
  Portable fluorescent X-ray analyzer
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