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Chemical Analysis


For organic materials, we can perform chemical composition analysis via Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry (FT-IR), micro Raman spectroscopy, thermal analysis methods (TG/DTA, DSC), gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GC/MS), and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
For composites including inorganic material, various resins, rubber, grease, and paint, we can perform chemical composition analysis by combining separation operations such as thin layer chromatography with various analysis methods.

・Fourier transform (microscopic) infrared spectrophotometer (FT-IR)
・Micro Raman spectrometer
・High-sensitive ThermoGravimetic Analyzer/Differential thermal analyzer (TG/DTA)
・Low-temperature high-sensitive differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
・Gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GC/MS)
・High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC)
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