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Environmental Measurement/Analysis
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Chemical Composition & Environmental Analysis
Structural Analysis/Shape Observation
Physical Property Measurement
Fracture, fatigue, and degradation
Foreign matter, discoloration, surface property
Corrosion, corrosion prevention
Environmental Measurement/Analysis

We use solution-based environmental analysis technologies to measure, analyze, and evaluate all types of environmental issues, such as air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, and provide support to our customers in environmental conservation preservation activities.

・Measurement and analysis of air pollutant
Smoke measurement/analysis, performance examination measurement/analysis
Measurement of hazardous substances within in flue gas
Sick house measurement (indoor air environment)
・Working environment measurement
Measuring dust such as mineral, organic solvents, specified chemical substances, metals, noise, etc.
Examinations, guidance, and education on occupational health and safety
Measuring air temperature, humidity, oil mist, illuminance, and radiation heat
Training for registration of working environment measurement experts
・Measuring noise, vibration, etc.
Measuring noise and vibrations from specific factories and construction works
Measuring environmental noise/vibration, and road traffic noise/vibration
Sampling of dioxins, offensive odor substances


・Analysis of water quality, soil, and waste disposal
Analysis of environmental water quality (rivers, oceans, underground water)
Analysis for drinking water, waste water from factories, and sewage treatment tanks
Analysis of hazardous materials in soil
Examination of waste composition and characteristics
・Asbestos analysis
Measuring the concentration of asbestos dust in the working environment
Measuring the concentration of asbestos dust within the atmosphere
Analysis of the asbestos inclusion rate in building materials (products)
・General analysis
Metal analysis (wet type and instrument), gas analysis
RoHs/ELV related analysis

 Business registrations
Measurement certification business (concentration)  Aichi Prefectural Registration #334
Measurement certification business (sound pressure level)  Aichi Prefectural Registration #342
Measurement certification business (vibration acceleration level)  Aichi Prefectural Registration #542
Business for the examination of drinking water quality in buildings  Aichi Prefecture Water 19 #1

Training agency for registration
 (Class 2 working environment measurement expert training)

 Aichi Department of Labor Registration #1
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