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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Instrumental Analysis Equipment: 02-02--Carbon, sulfur analyzer--

Exterior views (left: LECO Japan Corp. CS444LS, right: HORIBA Ltd. EMIA920V/FA)
 Principle Samples are put into a porcelain crucible, and are burned with high-frequency heating in an oxygen stream.
The concentration of emitted CO2 and SO2 gases is measured via infrared absorption equipment.
Gas concentration is converted into rate of content.
 Features (1) Short analysis time (about 60 seconds)
(2) High-precision analysis is possible for a wide range of content
 Target samples (1) Iron, steel, nonferrous metals (nickel, aluminum, titanium)
(2) Fire-resistant materials such as bricks
(3) Slag
(4) Coal, coke types
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