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 Instrumental Analysis Equipment: 02-05--Fluorescent X-ray analyzer--

Rigaku Corporation Rigaku/Simultix 12
External View (Rigaku Corporation Rigaku/Simultix 12)
 Principle By irradiating the analysis sample with X-ray, core electrons within atoms are emitted out of their core. Secondary (fluorescent) X-ray generated when outer electrons fall into the core is dispersed to each element-unique wavelength, and the X-ray intensity is measured electrically.
Along with emission analysis, this is the primary means of iron and steel analysis.
 Features (1) High-precision analysis is possible for a wide range of content
(2) Atomic number 12 Mg and above can be measured
(3) Non-destructive analysis is possible
(4) Measurement is possible for solid, liquid, and powder forms
 Target samples (1) Iron, steel, nonferrous metals (nickel, aluminum, titanium)
(2) Fire-resistant materials such as bricks
(3) Slag
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