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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Instrumental Analysis Equipment: 02-06--Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer--

SEA5220 SEA2001
Exterior View (left: Seiko Instruments Inc. SEA5220 right: Seiko Instruments Inc. SEA2001)
 Principle By irradiating the analysis sample with X-ray, core electrons within atoms are emitted out of their core.
Secondary (fluorescent) X-ray generated when outer electrons fall into the core is dispersed to each element-unique energy, and the X-ray intensity is measured electrically.
 Features (1) Few restraint on ample form
(2) Qualitative analysis done in a short time
(3) Qualitative analysis can be displayed on screen
 Target samples (1) Identification of materials examined
(2) Identification of material when mixed with foreign materials
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