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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Instrumental Analysis Equipment: 02-08--Glow discharge mass analyzer (Gd-MS)--

VG-9000 VG-9000
Exterior View (V.G. Scientific VG-9000)
 Principle Generates glow discharge in argon gas, and ionizes argon gas.
Ar+ is collided against the analysis sample, ions to be measured are generated from the sample, and the number of ions are measured with a mass spectrograph.
 Usage (1) Analysis of trace element in metals
(2) Multiple elements can be analyzed
(3) Assurance of high-purity metal
(4) Assurance analysis of compositions for aircraft materials
Device specifications
 Accelerating voltage  7.8kV
 Discharge voltage  0.5 to 1.2kV
 Discharge current  1 to 3mA
 Resolution (M/笆ウM)  4000 - 5000
 Minimum detection limit  30ppb
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