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 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Instrumental Analysis Equipment: 02-09--Portable fluorescent X-ray analyzer--

 Principle By irradiating the analysis sample with X-ray, core electrons within atoms are emitted out of their core.
Secondary (fluorescent) X-ray generated when outer electrons fall into the core is dispersed to each element-unique energy, and the X-ray intensity is measured electrically.
 Usage (1) Identification of foreign material
(2) Quality assurance testing for structures etc.
(3) RoHs screening analysis for metals, resins, etc. (Pb, Cr, Cd, Hg, Br)
(4) Qualitative analysis of minerals, oxidative products etc.
Device specifications NITONDevice specifications
Exterior View (Thermo Fisher Scientific NITON XL3t-900S-HeA)
 Measurement method Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDX)
 Use mode Metals, environmentally hazardous substances, resins, oxidative products, soil
 Method of calculation FP (fundamental parameter method)
 Measured view ホシ11mm
(Please contact us for the size under this)
 Dimensions 95.5(W)テ?244(D)テ?230(H)
 Mass 1.7kg
 Measured elements Mg to U
 Case examples
 ・Example 1  Low Si measurement for steel type determination
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