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 Environmental Analysis Equipment : Polarized Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometer (frame/frameless type)--

External View (Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. ZA3000)

Atomic absorption spectrometry is an analytical method to quanitify
target elemental concentrations in a sample by atomizing the sample at
high temperature, irradiating the sample with light of an element-specific
wavelength, and measuring its absorption.
It is called frame atomic absorption spectrometry when a sample is atomized in acetylene-air frames and such, and frameless atomic absorption spectrometry (or electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry) when a sample is atomized in a graphite furnace.


1.Excellent double-beam optics
2.High-precision background correction

3.Tandem atomizers of frame and a graphite furnace
 Target samples 1.Harmful metal analysis in environmental samples
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