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Organic Analysis

 Introduction of Analysis & Testing Equipment
 Organic Analysis Equipment: 09-02--High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC)--
 JASCO Corporation GULLIVER Series

Exterior View
Exterior View (JASCO High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC))
 Principle A pump is used to move mobile phase(s) through a column at a constant speed, and the sample is injected into the mobile phase flow and the column to be separated.The retention time and peak area are then registered in the eluted material's order of elution.Components can then be identified by the retention time, and their quantity can be measured by the peak area.
 Usage (1) Measuring the quantity of additives in oils and resins
(2) Analysis of the remaining monomer/oligomer in polymer
(3) Sample preparation and separation of mixed organic components
(4) Analysis of differences in composition (copolymers, blends, etc.) for resin degradated products
(5) Measuring the quantity of cyanide compound in plating liquid
(6) Analysis of formaldehyde and other aldehydes within the atmosphere
(7) Testing of gas oil hydrocarbon types
(8) Analysis of organic acids in biodiesel fuel compound gas oil
(9) Comparison of degradated compounds in oil, resin, etc.
(10) Distribution of molecular weight in resins
Device specifications
Pump  Flow rate: 0.01 to 10 ml/min, 3-liquid gradient possible
Column  Temperature: room temperature + 10 to 60邃?
 Column type: normal-phase, reverse-phase, and GPC
Detector  UV detector: 190 to 600nm
 RI detector: refractive index range 1 to 1.75
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