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SEM for organics implemented
Month/Year History
April 1995 Daido Steel Co., Ltd. Technology Development Center's Analysis Division split into a separate company (Capital 75 million yen)
June 1996 Contracted Research Division newly established, contracted examinations started
January 2001 Surface Analysis Division transferred from Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
April 2002 Organic Analysis Division started
March 2004 Corrosion test work transferred from Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
November 2004 Field Emission Electron Probe Micro Analyzer(FE-EPMA) first introduced as a private business
January 2005 Tokyo Office established (Daido Shinagawa Building, 5th Floor)
December 2005 Certification of JNLA registered operator conformed to ISO/IEC17025, and Global Mutual Recognition acquired
June 2007 New building completed for main office (within Daido Hoshizaki Plant)
July 2007 Environmental Measurement Center established (integrated with Daido Hospital Environmental Division)
April 2008 EPMA for organics implemented
August 2008 New scanning type ICP analysis equipment implemented (Li analysis possible)
April 2009 Heat analysis equipment for organics implemented (TG/DTA, DSC)
June 2009 SEM for organics implemented
July 2009 Chita Office established
September 2009 Cutting-edge mobile fluorescent X-ray equipment implemented (Si, Al, Mg analysis possible)
September 2009 Registered to Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement (Type 2)
July 2011 Cutting-edge hydrogen analysis equipment implemented
August 2011 X-ray diffraction high-speed one dimensional detection device implemented
August 2011 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy equipment implemented
Daido Bunseki Research, Inc. 2-30 Daido-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya 457-8545 Phone: 052-611-9434 Fax: 052-611-9948