Procurement Item Consumable

If you have any queries about consumable, please contact Daido Shizai Service Co., Ltd.

Melting supplies Casting supplies Steel grinding tools
Dead head temperature insulation frame Resin film grinder Grinding wheels
Exothermic board Chromite sand Grinding grain
Antioxidant   UB wheels for strip steel
CC powder   Grinding belt
Lance pipe   Steel shots
Consumable dipping type thermocouple   Steel grit
Sampler for molten steel analysis   Cut wire
Steel machining tools Steel cutting tools
Cemented carbide tip Cutting grind stone
Drawing die Band saw
Pump Hose Crane wheel
Hydraulic cylinder Bearing Guard
Valve compressor Chain  
Binding supplies Shipping supplies Industrial chemical
Binding hoop Polyethylene cloth sheet Sulfuric
Annealed wire Poly bag Hydrofluoric acid
  Hempen cover Caustic soda
  Wooden box Potassium permaganate
  Skids Urea
  Steel mesh box  
High-pressure gas Work tools Office supplies
Hydrogen gas Driver Copy paper
Acethylene gas Wrench Printing paper for EDP
Carbon dioxide gas Pincher Pocket book
Ammonia gas Nylon sling Color film
Others Work goods
Welding electrode Working wear
Welding wire Leather glove
Silica cloth sheet Waste cloth
Silica tube Broom
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