Procurement Item Equipment

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Alloy feeder Water-cooling box
Refractory Desulfurization facility
Lifting magnet CC piton
Forging machine Deburring machine Welding robot
Rolling machine Straightening machine Pickling machine
Lathe Shot blast Acid-proof tank
Cutting machine Wire drawing machine Chamfering unit
Carriage Heavy work revolving unit Forklift
Crane Conveyer Manipulator
Hoist Automatic warehouse Handling robot
Flaw detector(Eddy current、fluorescent、ultrasonic) Dimensional measuring unit Fatigue testing machine
Flaw detector(Eddy current、fluorescent、ultrasonic) Hardness tester Weighing machine
Rolling Heating Electrical Equipments
Reducer Radio-frequency heating apparatus Transformer
Gear Annealing furnace Motor
Binder Boiler Inverter
Facing   Control panel
    Emergency generator
Environmental equipment
Dust-collecting equipment
Effluent purification equipment
Air conditioner
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