Daido Steel acquired NORSOK certification

Daido Steel acquired NORSOK certification, a standard for oil and gas applications, aiming at sales expansion of duplex stainless steel*

Daido Steel Co., Ltd. ("Daido", President and CEO: Tadashi Shimao) acquired NORSOK certification for its Ferritic/Austenitic stainless steel, Type 25Cr duplex and Ferritic/Austenitic stainless steel, Type 22Cr duplex rolled round bars at its main plant producing stainless steel, Hoshizaki Plant (Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi,Aichi, Japan). NORSOK is a standard for oil and gas applications. Daido became the first special steel maker in Japan to acquire this certification.

The NORSOK standard was developed by Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness of operations and facilities for oil drilling and production. Although the standards in the petroleum industry vary from country to country, most production standards for oil and gas applications are based on NORSOK standards that are one of the global standards as well as Norwegian standards. Above all, NORSOK M-650, which Daido acquired this time, is a standard to verify that a material manufacturer has sufficient ability, experience and facilities that are necessary to produce materials that fall under the standard.

Daido established quality assurance system in its heat-treatment control and product inspection processes corresponding to NORSOK standard, aiming at further expanding sales of duplex stainless steel, which is its strategic product. The acquisition of this certification allows production and sales of more reliable stainless steel. Daido intends to expand sales of reliable duplex stainless steel conforming to NORSOK standard in the global market of the oil and gas industry where the demand is expected to grow in future.

* Duplex stainless steel:The stainless steel that has corrosion resistance and high-strength with microstructures consisted of a mixture of austenite and ferrite phases

Certified standard and grade

Certified standard Material standard Grade Remarks
MDS D47 UNS S31803, UNS S32205 Ferritic/Austenitic stainless steel, Type 22Cr duplex
MDS D57 UNS S32750, UNS S32760 Ferritic/Austenitic stainless steel, Type 25Cr duplex

Size range of the rolled round bar for all grade

The maximum size is diameter 165mm of heat-treatment

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