High-speed precision Forging products

High speed forging machine

Complex Shapes and for Combined Processing

The extremely high quality of high-speed precision forging products is attained by our long year experience of high-speed closed forging technology. High-speed precision hot-forging are available for complex shapes and cold forging blanks. The products have been adopted for various parts in automobile companies and many other fields.

  • Automotive
  • Bearing
  • Industrial

Products list

Automatic transmission

Pinion gear
  • Pinion gear
Internal gear
  • Internal gear
Planetary sun gear
  • Planetary sun gear
Sleeve pump impeller
  • Sleeve pump impeller
Primary cylinder
  • Primary cylinder
Hub turbine
  • Hub turbine
Clutch hub
  • Clutch hub
Driven gear
  • Driven gear
Drum clutch
  • Drum clutch

Manual transmission

Piece gear
  • Piece gear
Clutch gear
  • Clutch gear
Synchronizer hub
  • Synchronizer hub
Transmission parts
  • Transmission parts
Synchronizer sleeve (Machined parts)
  • Synchronizer sleeve
        (Machined parts)
Synchronizer sleeve
  • Synchronizer sleeve

Cold forging blank

For transmission parts
  • For transmission parts
For side gear
  • For side gear
For pinion gear
  • For pinion gear

Cold forging

Inner cam
  • Inner cam
Drive clutch
  • Drive clutch
Parking gear
  • Parking gear

Drive-train part

  • Spider
  • Triport
Hub flange
  • Hub flange
  • Socket
Flange companion
  • Flange companion
Spindle knuckle
  • Spindle knuckle

Engine parts

  • Head
Tension pulley
  • Tension pulley
Cam shaft gear
  • Cam shaft gear

Steering parts

  • Sleeve
Valve body
  • Valve body

Products list


Bearing inner-outer ring
  • Bearing inner-outer ring
  • Bearing
Taper roller bearing outer ring
  • Taper roller bearing outer ring
  • Ball

Products list

General industrial parts

Pipe flange
  • Pipe flange
Cam disk
  • Cam disk
Stator end
  • Stator end
Castle nut
  • Castle nut
Rock nut
  • Rock nut
  • Nut
Clutch outer
  • Clutch outer
  • Flange
Swash plate
  • Swash plate
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