Roller hearth STC®furnace

This is best for heat treatment of a wide variety of products in small lot such as special steel wire rods and so on.

Roller heath STC furnace

Partially fabricated items of special steel require various heat treatments for improvement of cold workability (wire drawing, cold forging). Daido Steel is steel manufacturers and so has set up as the system the economical and best pattern (temperature and time), atmosphere control and transfer control on the basis of the abundant know-how in actual operation. The company has realized stable quality, unmanned operation and energy saving. The STC® (Short Time Cycle) annealing furnace for the purpose of multi-purpose treatment of many kinds small lot production has gained popularity among customers.  (STC: Registered trade mark is obtained)


Corresponding to various heat treatment

  • Applicable products
Steel wire coil Cold forgings

Bar steel

(round, deformed members)
Steel hoop coil  
  • Treatment method
  • Spheroidizing annealing Full annealing
    Normalizing Stress relief annealing
    Softening annealing Other treatment
    Carbon restoration  

Computer system

Computer system
  • Preparation of 100 kinds of heat pattern (temperature, time and atmosphere)
  • Preservation of heat pattern for the next time heat treatment
  • Temperature control
  • Atmosphere control
  • Automatic printing of operation results
  • Safety confirmation and taking measures and recording at the time of abnormality occurrence.

Energy saving measures

  • Putting the products into the high temperature atmosphere
  • Adoption of ceramic fiber
  • Exhaust gas heat recovery by means of purculator
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