Powder Additive Manufacturing

Produced with SLM®280HL
of SLM Solutions GmbH

Spherical powder which has high quality and high flowability with low oxygen content.
Optimize powder characteristics according to 30 p『intertype.


  • Gas atomized powder exhibits spherical and flowable features as well as low oxygen contents.
  • Optimize powder characteristics according to 3D printer type.

Example of applications

  • Core for casting mold, mold for injection molding
  • Aero parts, turbine, injection nozzle
  • Medical use, implant, artificial bone

Main powder products (conventional and newly developed materials)

Material Coressponding materials Chemical Composition(mass%) Features
C Si Ni Cr Mo W Co Other Fe
DAPSKD61 SKD61 0.37 5 1.25 V Bal. For DIE

Original: High thermal conductivity SKD

Patent Pending

DAPMAS1C MAS1C 18.5 4.8 9.0 Ti, Al Bal.
DAP420J2 SUS420J2 0.3 13 Bal.
DAP630 17-4PH 4 17 Nb, Cu Bal. Heat&Corrosion
DAPR625 DSALOY625 Bal. 21 9 Nb, Ti, Al
DAPR718 DSALOY718 52 19 3 Nb, Ti, Al Bal.

Original:High hardness and High Corrosion Resistant Ni-Based Alloy

Patent Pending

※Different type of chemical compositions is also available.

Typical particle size

-#150 / +#350
-100 / +45


Basing upon SKD61, DAPSKD-MOD(HTC) improves its thermal conductivity and 30°Printing affinity.

Thinner mold design for efficient water cooling undermines its strength, resulting in cracking
and water leak.

High thermal conductivity helps to design
thicker mold with higher strength, while it enhances freedom design of water cooling
tube inside the mold.


  • High hardness and strength at elevated temperature and high corrosion resistance.
  • Achieving HV650 after aging heat treatment Maintaining 400HV up to 973K
  • With high toughness, easy to 30 printing.
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