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Daido Steel Way

The Daido Steel Group aims to enhance corporate value by practicing the Daido Steel Way (corporate philosophy structure), which systematizes its vision and the basis of its actions.

Daido Steel Group Slogan

In 2016, the Daido Steel Group established the slogan “Beyond the Special” to express our desire to be a Group in which each employee provides “value that goes beyond the special” to continue to passionately support people and society.

Daido Steel Group Management Philosophy

Pursuing the potential of materials to support our future

2030 Vision

Pursue high-performance specialty steel and contribute to “realization of a green society”

Conduct Guidelines

Aim High
Sincere Action
Personal Growth
Team Strengths
Open to Challenges

Conduct Standards

Code of Conduct for relationship with stakeholders
(customers, local communities, shareholders/investors, business partners, and employees)

We will provide “value that goes beyond the special” and carve out a new path to the future as a leading specialty steel company

Specialty steel refers to steel that possesses special properties. By recycling scrap iron and breathing new life into it, the steel is reborn into new products. The Group also contributes to reducing weight, increasing strength, enhancing corrosion resistance, and expanding the life of products. As our products are used in harsh environments that normal steel cannot withstand, the Group supports the development of people’s lifestyles and society. By providing “value that goes beyond the special,” the Daido Steel Group contributes to the realization of “a green society” through co-creation with all stakeholders and aims to enhance sustainable corporate value.

Business Direction for Corporate Value Enhancement

Looking toward carbon neutrality in 2050, the Group aims for a 2030 vision to “Pursue high-performance specialty steel and contribute to ‘realization of a green society.’” In the 2023 Medium-Term Management Plan, the Group has designated boosting earning power and ESG management promotion as important initiatives. We will further strengthen our relationship with stakeholders and make efforts to realize our vision together.

Changes in the external environment

Focusing on efforts to restrict global warming

Transition to social industry structure that aims to reduce CO2 emissions

Acceleration of digital revolution

Growth of IT/semiconductor industry

Increase in uncertainties

Russia/North Korea issues, pandemic, trade friction, etc.

2023 Medium-Term Management Plan

1. Expand the business in growth areas

Focus our efforts on CASE, semiconductor manufacturing, and green energy fields, etc.

2. Strengthen business agility

Reform profit structure of existing businesses

3. Expand further overseas business

Expand high-performance materials business, primarily in East Asia

4. ESG management

  • Environment

    Environment measures, including CO2 emissions reduction

  • Social

    Contribute to society based on respect for human rights

  • Governance

    Strengthening corporate governance


  1. Preservation of the global environment (business activities)
  2. Preservation of the global environment (product supply)
  3. Responsibilities and contributions to society
  4. Strengthening governance

2030 Value To Green Society

Pursue high-performance specialty steel and contribute to “realizing a green society”

  • Expand sales of growth area products and achieve sustainable business growth
  • Increase productivity and expand presence in existing product market
  • Contribute to climate change measures and the realization of a circular economy through business activities and supply of high performance products