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Advanced controlled forging

Advanced controlled forging

Increasing the strength and performance of steel structures, energy plants and other facilities and lengthening their useful lives, and enabling manufacturers to further lighten the weight of automobiles and other machines, demands the development of forging technology to create optimal gradient functions that combine material strength and processing functionality.

For its V-microalloyed steel and manufacturing processes, Daido Steel will develop an alloy design process utilizing V-extraction strengthening to the maximum extent possible, along with a virtual laboratory system that enables prediction of organization and characteristics distribution as a high-powered process design tool.

For the prototype parts, we will aim at a high strength part of 1,000MPa or greater and softness of 900MPa or less at 0.2% proof stress as our final goal. We will pursue this activity as a grant project of NEDO’s “R&D Project on Fundamental Technology for Steel Materials with Enhanced Strength and Functionality.”

Contractor NEDO
Term 2007~2012