NAK80's Features

NAK80's 6 advantages

High hardness Easy machining Heat treatment free Easy polishing Easy welding Easy texturing

High Hardness

High wear resistance

Being stressed from inside and outside, molds experience settling and distorsion on parting lines, and wear on molding surface.
NAK80 with 40HRC is suitable for plastic molds requiring wear resistance to withstand large number production.

In spite of 40HRC, easy machining due to its precipitation hardening steel, resulting in the well balance of wear resistance and easy machining.

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Easy Machining

Fine machinability available for fine finishing

Molten resin reflects mold surface like a mirror.
So, high precision-high quality molds with highly finish machining are required for molding of high function and beauty appearance products.

High machinability NAK80 is available for precision machined molds.
Highly evaluated as precision plastic mold steel due to its clear machined contour with less burr.

An example of fine machining by High-Precision Vertical Machine

Automotive headlamp, matrix-reflector mold (Surface roughness 0.030μmRa)
Photograph : By courtesy of TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD.

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Heat Treatment Free

Easy to use pre-hardened steel

Available for direct machining due to pre-hardened steel.
Vastly shortened lead time is available without worrying about dimensional change and distortion by heat treatment.

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Easy Polishing

Superb mirror polishing

Mirror polished mold is required for glossy sheen products with beauty in appearance and transparency.
Slippery smooth products surface improves functional beauty too such as fine touch and hard dirt.

Superb mirror polishing is required in the final stage of mold making where skilled craftsmenship still contribute.
Repeaters highly evaluate superb polishing and less trouble risk of NAK80 due to its high cleanliness.

Production : By courtesy of HASHIMOTO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

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Easy Welding

Superb repair welding

As plastic molds are repeatedly design changed and repaired, repair welding is essential. Highly designed precision molds are worn and chipped by repetetive molding, which requires repair welding as well.

NAK80 shows uniform hardness by aging after welding, which regenerate mirror polished surface and uniform texture without worring about unevenness.

As welded

Visible weld portion

Aging after welding(500℃x 5h, AC)

Invisible welded trace and even textured pattern

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Easy Texturing

High designability enhancing product value

Mold surface decoration making plastic products excellent in texture and expression.
Texture process*1 is essential for plastic products by endowing beauty in appearance, high-grade sense, good feeling, and elongated life.

NAK80, clean and fine grained steel, is appropriate for texture processing such as photo etching*2, contributing to the production of high designed products.

※1 To make patterns or uneven on product surface by using molds with reversed geometry on the surface.

※2 One of surface finishing processes to make pattern by etching with chemicals.

Production : By courtesy of NIHON ETCHING CO., LTD.

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