What is NAK80?

The origin of NAK80

Nickel(Ni) + Aluminum(Al) + Copper(Kupher)Nickel(Ni) + Aluminum(Al) + Copper(Kupher)

NAK is the specialty steel which contains Ni, Al, and Cu as alloying elements.
NAK was named after the initial of these main chemicals:
N(Nickel), A(Aluminum), and K(Kupfer, German word of Cu).

NAK80 was born in 1980.

Born in 1980.
NAK80 was named from it's birth year.
Daido's best selling production since its launching.

NAK is No.1 domestic share.

The series of NAK is No.1 domestic share
in the field of the 40HRC pre-hardened steels.
<Refered to JMAR / Based on shipping quantity in 2016>

*The series of NAK : NAK80 and NAK55

NAK80 is entirely made in Japan.

World class stable and raliable quality

NAK80 is made in Japan.
Daido's reliable technology is contributing to manufacturing all over the world.

NAK is Daido's registered trade-mark.


NAK is Daido's registered trade-mark.

NAK, NAK80, and NAK55 are Daido's registered trade-mark in Japan.
NAK is also registered in Japan, China, and other countries.

NAK80's 6 advantages.