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1916 Electric Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established. Production of alloy and tool steels started.
Founder Momosuke Fukuzawa
Founder Momosuke
1917 Momosuke Fukuzawa assumed the president of Electric Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1919 Kiso Electric Steel Manufactruing altered corporate name to Kiso Electric Kogyo.
1921 Steel division of Daido Electric Power Co., Ltd. separated to form Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
1934 Merged with Teikoku Spring.
1937 Hoshizaki Plant began operation.
Hoshizaki Plant
Hoshizaki Plant
1941 Merged with Tominaga Kogyo


1953 Takakura Plant began operation.
1955 Merged with Shin Riken Kogyo.
1957 Merged with Tokyo Seikosho.
1958 Daido’s high-tensile steel used for television antenna section of Tokyo Tower
1959 Hoshizaki Plant and Tsukiji Plant were submerged by the Ise Bay Typhoon.
Chita Plant complete ceremony
Chita Plant complete ceremony
1963 Move Head Office to Kogin bldg.
Chita Plant began operation.
1964 Merged with Kanto Seiko.
1965 The first U.S. Office was opened.
1976 Merged with Japan Special Steel and Tokushu Seiko.


1980 Continuous caster began operation at Hoshizaki Plant and Chita Plant.
1981 Chita Steel Strip Plant began operation.
1988 The American Society for Metals designated the 1.5 ton electric arc furnace (Héroult type) as a historical landmark.
1990 Nakatsugawa Techno Center was opened.
Vertical continuous caster(Chita plant)
Vertical continuous caster
(Chita plant)
1991 In business 75 years, announced management principle
1992 Large section, vertical continuous caster began operation at Chita plant for the first time in Japan.
1995 Hong Kong Office was opened.
1997 Bangkok Office was opened.


2001 Steckel mill was introduced into Hoshizaki Plant. Production of high-grade strip steel started with the integrated manufacturing process.
2002 Comprehensive casting manufacturer Daido Castings founded
2003 High speed precision forging machine “AMP70XL” into Cihta forging plant.
Move Tokyo Head Office from Nishi Shimbashi to Shinagawa.
2004 Promissing Hybrid Caster began operation at Chita Plant.
Shanghai Office was opened.
2005 Guangzhou Office was opened.
Move Head Office from Fushimi to Hisaya-odori.
150 ton electric arc furnace
150 ton electric arc furnace
2006 The accumulated quantity of melting at Chita plant since its startup reached 50 million tons.
2008 7000t press machine began operation at Shibukawa Plant.
2009 Concentrator photovoltaic demonstration test began.
2013 Newly designed 150 ton electric arc furnace started.
2016 The 100th anniversary of its foundation.
2020 Chita Second Plant began operation.
Nakatsugawa Advanced Magnetic Materials Development Center was opened.