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Daido Steel Head Office
Daido Steel Head Office
Company Name Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location 1-10, Higashisakura 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-8581, Japan
TEL 81-52-963-7501
FAX 81-52-963-4386
Founded August 19, 1916
Incorporated February 1, 1950
President Tetsuya Shimizu
Employees 12,605(consolidated) 3,332(non-consolidated)
Net Sales
Fiscal Year ending March 2022
¥529.667 billion (consolidated)
¥343.692 billion (non-consolidated)
Fiscal Year ending March 2021
¥412.722 billion (consolidated)
¥245.504 billion (non-consolidated)
Common Stock ¥37,172 million
Number of Issued Shares 43,448,769
Investor Relations
Number of Shareholders 18,257(As of March 31, 2022)

Business Segment

The business division methods of our corporate group are segmented into five divisions according to the business content.

Business Segment Principal Businesses
Business Segment Specialty Steel
Principal Businesses
Specialty steel for automotive parts, industrial machinery parts, electrical machinery parts, construction, tool steel, etc.
Specialty steel products and materials manufacturing, distribution, raw materials sales, transportation and logistics
Business Segment High Perfomance Materials and Magnetic Materials
Principal Businesses
Stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, electrical and electronics parts, magnetic material products(OA・FA motor, automotive meter, sensor, measuring device component, etc.), Alloy powder (magnetic powder for HEV), Titanium products (medical titanium alloys, shape-memory alloys), welding wire
Business Segment Parts for Automobile and Industrial Equipment
Principal Businesses
Die forging, precise hot forging, welded parts (automotive parts and bearing races)
Open die forging (parts for boats and ships, industrial machines, heavy electric machines, steel making equipment, chemical equipment, oil drilling rigs, and spacecraft and aircraft)
Casting (manganese railway rails, components for automobiles, industrial machine, electric machine and furnaces, advanced cast steel products, etc.)
Precision casting (automotive, industrial machine, electric machine, telecommunications equipment etc.)
Lumber industry band saws, engine valves, compressors, hydraulic equipment, machine tool parts
Business Segment Engineering
Principal Businesses
Steel making equipment, industrial furnaces and facilities, environmental equipment (for drain, exhaust, waste disposal and treatment facilities) , machine tool, machine maintenance
Business Segment Trading and Service
Principal Businesses
Sale of group company products, welfare services, real estate and insurance business
Golf course management, analysis business