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With its constant aim, ever since its inception, being to earn customer trust, Daido Steel has a high reputation among customers, including for its excellent product development capabilities. At present, the Quality Assurance Committee is leading the project to promote quality control improvements. The project efforts are directed at strengthening a culture of doing what should be done as a matter of course, and to reform Daido Steel amenable to changes, leading to an increase customer satisfaction (CS) and customer delight (CD).

Quality Assurance Committee

In 2006 the Daido Group established the Daido Group Quality Assurance Committee in what was a rapidly changing social environment. The Committee is chaired by a managing director, and Committee members consist of the eight plant managers of Daido Steel and division heads of 13 manufacturing-related companies.

The Committee for the Daido Steel Group is conducting activities to solidify customer trust by sharing information to achieve early solutions of critical issues, improving common issues to pre-empt quality complaints, and by using basic activities to reinforce the quality assurance infrastructure.

The Committee also concentrates on training programs such as quality education for certification, and the up skilling of front-line workers through competitions.

Quality Assurance Committee

Major activity of Quality Assurance Committee
Quality Education

Quality Education

Daido Steel places great importance on quality education for front-line workers based on the Company’s fundamental idea that quality is created at the job site.

Specifically, education by job grade is given to all employees on Q7 techniques (such as Pareto charts, scatter plots, and characteristic diagrams), N7 techniques (such as relational diagrams, system diagrams and matrix diagrams), and IE techniques (such as process analysis, work process analysis, and utilization analysis/ratio-delay studies). These techniques are utilized in the execution of the field improvement activities including self-management activity (JK (jishu kanri: self-management), which is small-group activities). Groups that implement excellent self-management activities are given an award.

Control of Toxic and Hazardous Substances in Products

As more and more hazardous-substance-free products are required, Daido Steel is reinforcing systems to control environmental load substances in products by the utilization of the ISO140001 Environmental Management System and ISO9001 Quality Standard.

Control of hazardous substances that have implications for quality assurance Daido Group Certification Status of ISO9001
Cadmium and its compounds Certification obtained for all Daido plants
Hexahydric chromium compounds Special instructions (Shibukawa Plant)
Lead and its compounds AS9100 (Aviation and Space Quality Control System),
Mercury and its compounds and certification of Nadcap special process
Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) Certification obtained (for heat treatment, non-destructive testing, material testing)
(Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and others Certification obtained by all manufacture-related affiliated companies.