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Daido Steel is making unceasing efforts to make improvements to enhance corporate value, and is also making untiring efforts to enhance the quality of management through accurate and timely information disclosure and comprehensive communications.

Communications with institutional investors

Communications with institutional investors

As an opportunity to help investors understand the management conditions and management strategy of the Company, Daido Steel implements operating results briefings for institutional investors and security analysts twice a year, as well as briefings on its medium-term management plan and strategic businesses, and sponsors facility visits to Daido’s main plants. In addition, the Company strives to ensure continuous communications by actively holding individual meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts.

Through the internal feedback of opinions received through these IR activities to each division including management, Daido Steel also works to reflect these comments in its future business management.

Communications with shareholders and individual investors

For its shareholders, Daido Steel furnishes published materials such as financial reports mailed after the close of the interim period and fiscal year-end, plus a wide range of information through publications such as its Annual Report, CSR Report and securities reports. For individual investors, the Company also works to deepen understanding regarding the Daido Steel Group by making the information tools indicated above available on its company website.

In July 2010, Daido Steel renewed its website with the goal of further increasing stakeholders’ understanding of the Daido Steel Group. In addition to the President’s Message, the Company posts related information such as operating results, group information and the latest topics on the site in an easy-to-understand format, and uses the website as part of its efforts to make a broad range of timely information available.