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Daido Steel is making unceasing efforts to make improvements to enhance corporate value, and is also making untiring efforts to enhance the quality of management through accurate and timely information disclosure and comprehensive communications.

Communications with Shareholders and Investors

We provide shareholders with a wide range of information, including publications, such as reports sent out after the fiscal year-end and interim financial results, as well as sustainability reports, securities reports, and plant tours. Furthermore, for individual investors, we disclose the above information tools on our website so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the Group.

Moreover, to help stakeholders acquire an even deeper understanding of the Group, we have posted relevant information on our website, such as a message from the president, status of business results, Group information, and topics, in an effort to provide a wide range of information in a timely fashion.

In addition, we hold financial results presentations four times a year for institutional investors and securities analysts to provide them an opportunity to understand the Company’s management situation and strategy. We also hold presentations for the medium-term management plan and facility tours of our main plants. Furthermore, in an effort to ensure ongoing communication with institutional investors and analysts in and outside Japan, we proactively hold individual meetings with them.

Through the internal feedback of opinions received through these IR activities to each division including management, Daido Steel also works to reflect these comments in its future business management.