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Daido Steel Corporate Code of Ethics

Daido Steel strictly observes and adheres to the letter and spirit of all laws, as well as ethical standards applicable in all jurisdictions in which the Company conducts its business, and behaves in a socially sensible manner based on the following eight principles.

  1. Contribute to society through technology, service, and quality that maintain the satisfaction and trust of customers and society.
  2. Compete for business and conduct appropriate business in the marketplace in a fair, transparent, and free manner, and maintain sound and normal relationships with political and administrative institutions.
  3. Disclose Daido’s corporate information in a fair and positive manner through extensive communications with shareholders and members of society.
  4. Respect the diversity, individuality, and personality of employees and secure a safe and comfortable workplace where workers are under less pressure.
  5. Act positively and voluntarily with the awareness that environmental issues are something common to all people.
  6. Conduct all corporate activities as a good corporate citizen in compliance with Daido Steel Corporate Code of Ethics and legal requirements. Also, give careful attention to protecting personal and customer information. In conducting international corporate activities, respect local cultures and customs and manage in a way that allows contributions to the development of local cultures.
  7. Take a stringent and resolute attitude toward any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces or organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  8. To realize the Daido Steel Corporate Code of Ethics, the management assumes the responsibility to take the initiative to internally familiarize the spirit of the Corporate Code by setting good examples and to make group companies and customers know of the same. The management of Daido Steel also assumes the responsibility to take the initiative to improve the company structure. In the event of any violation of this code, management shall personally investigate and resolve the matter, and make a prompt and accurate disclosure of information pertaining to the matter. After such disclosure, management will take measures to prevent recurrence, and will discipline violators.
Corporate Code of Ethics