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Contributing to the global environment and
achieving the sustainable society of the future through manufacturing.

Responsibility and contribution to the global environment

Coexistence of Society and Environment

Today the Earth our home is approaching a major turning point. The problem of abnormal weather that is occurring each year and the reduction of greenhouse gases, the problem of processing hazardous substances such as waste, or the environmental problems accompanying construction of the industrial infrastructure that will be indispensable for further development of newly developing countries – it is as if we are being asked to face each separate problem honestly, and actively fulfill our responsibilities. Manufacturing firms such as Daido Steel, which consume vast amounts of energy to convert raw materials into products, are especially keenly aware of the fact we must make the greatest contribution to solving these issues.

The Daido Steel Group has worked to “contribute to the development of society through the supply of superior products and services and achieve advanced environmental preservation within manufacturing” as the starting point of its management. Whether in automobiles and other transportation equipment such as aircraft and ships, power generation infrastructure such as gas turbines and nuclear reactor stations, or even industrial machinery and IT devices, specialty steel products are utilized in a wide range of applications, and it is specialty steel technology that determines the “environmental efficiency” of these applications. By promoting thorough environmental and energy conservation measures in the development of earth-friendly materials, and for its manufacturing processes, the Daido Steel Group will work to achieve environmental preservation and a recycling society that encompass a long-term, global point of view.

Building a sustainable future together with stakeholders

As they proliferate along with changes in the management environment and the march of globalization, the demands that society is calling on firms to accomplish are now recognized as a major corporate responsibility. To the extent possible, firms must respond with a sincere attitude to every stakeholder related to its corporate activities, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, local communities and employees.

The Daido Steel Group believes that management based on a “triple bottom line” – one that measures not only economic value but also social and environmental value – is necessary in order for firms to pursue sustainable development together with society and the environment. The Daido Steel Group views its CSR activities from every perspective, including corporate governance, compliance, a sincere response to customers and suppliers and regard for local society and employees, and seeks to achieve a sustainable future together with its stakeholders.

We look forward to continuing to receive your understanding and support.