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Daido Steel views corporate governance as one of the key issues for management in today’s rapidly changing business environment. We strive to increase management efficiency, accelerate and improve decision-making, and ensure management transparency.

Daido Steel has adopted an Audit & Supervisory Board system. By adopting a system that supervises and oversees business execution through a Board of Directors, including three outside directors, and an Audit & Supervisory Board, including two outside Audit & Supervisory Board members, Daido Steel enhances its corporate governance, optimizes and accelerates decision-making and secures fair and transparent management.

Moreover, executive officers concurrently serve as Audit &Supervisory Board members or directors of Group companies. In these roles, the executive officers audit the status of business execution and provide advice to the Group companies, as part of efforts to strengthen consolidated Group management. Daido Steel discloses the status of its corporate governance in the Corporate Governance section of its corporate website.

Corporate Governance