Permalloy foil

STARPAS® Permalloy foil

Daido's STARPAS® Permalloy foil

We provide extremely thin permalloy foil (thickness:≧10μm) with excellent workability and flexibility which is suitable for high-frequency magnetic shield and yoke.

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  • Metallic foil of high permeability material (MEN® PC-2S).
  • High frequency characteristics by suppressing eddy current loss inside the magnetic material with foil.
  • Excellent workability such as bending, cutting, stamping, etc., and high durability against vibration and high temperature environments in automotive applications.

Product Specifications

※Magnetic transformation temperature:400℃

Product Material Thickness MOQ
Width Max. length Frequency
STARPAS®-10PC2S MEN®PC-2S 10µm 100m 0.9kg 100mm Less than 1100m More than 50kHz
STARPAS®-20PC2S 20µm 1.8kg Less than 1100m
STARPAS®-30PC2S 30µm 2.7kg Less than 1900m

・Please ask the laminate processing with foil.

Applicable frequency band of permalloy foil material

We provide the magnetic shield and yoke material in 50 kHz ~ 10 MHz band.

Applicable frequency band of permalloy foil material figure

Loss performance of Permalloy foil

We provide highly efficient magnetic yoke materials (Sheet for wireless power supply)

Loss performance of Permalloy foil figure

Easy-to-handle material performance

Our materials are so flexible with excellent processability that your applications are expanded.

Easy-to-handle material performanc figure

Main application examples

Magnetic shield for sensors and cables and to reduce the noise.

CMOS image sensors
CMOS image sensors
Power and control ICs
Power and control ICs
FPC and wire harness
FPC and wire harness
Smart home appliances
Smart home appliances
Wireless power supply
Wireless power supply

Main magnetic characteristics examples

Complex relative permeability

Permaeability μr’
Permaeability μr’’

Product with a thickness of 10μm is the most suitable for high-frequency applications. However, it is also possible to increase the magnetic shielding effect by the foil thickness, so the thickness can be selected according to the intensity of the adaptive magnetic field.

DC characteristics(Reference)

Product Initial permeability(μi) Max. permeability(μm) Magnetic flux density at 800A/m Coercive force
STARPAS®-10PC2S 5,800 36,000 0.72(T) 9(A/m)

Complex relative permeability μr depending on frequency

Product 1kHz 100kHz 1MHz 10MHz
STARPAS®-10PC2S 5,300 5,200 3,500 700
STARPAS®-20PC2S 5,400 5,000 2,000 430
STARPAS®-30PC2S 6,000 4,800 1,400 340

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