Tool Steel

Tool Steel

Tool Steel

Tool steel is one of Daido's major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold, hot, high speed and plastic mold applications. Some of our brand steels are highly evaluated globally such as DC53 and NAK. To satidfy our customers' demands, we are pursuing high quality products and high performance technical services.

Notable products


DHA-HS1 provides the highest level of thermal conductivity, which allows shorter cooling time and greater productivity. In addition, its high softening resistance prolongs die life. DHA-HS1, which is ideal for hot stamping dies, can create cost savings in press processing.


World class stable and reliable quality steel, NAK80, has been selected as the most suitable steel for plastic molds.

Products list

Hot Work Tool Steels (Forging die)
Hot Work Tool Steel
(Hot-Forming Die)

Used for forging dies for
forming heated metal materials.

Hot Work Tool Steels
Hot Work Tool Steel
(Die-Casting Die)

Used for die casting molds for
casting molten alloys (Al etc.).

Hot Work Tool Steels
Hot Stamping Die Steel

Used for hot stamping dies,
which form and quench heated
steel sheets.

Cold Work Tool Steels
Cold Work Tool Steel

Used for cold press and forging
dies for forming steel plates
and blocks.

Plastic Mold Steels
Plastic Mold Steel

Used for injection molds for
forming plastic products.

Tool Steel Products list
Tool Steel Products list

Daido's Brand steels list.
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