Titanium & Titanium Alloy

Titanium & Titanium Alloy

Titanium, Titanium Alloy’s possibilities are infinite

Titanium, a metal which provides us with a lot of opportunities to talk about our dreams for a variety of our future lives. Its superiority in characteristics such as lightweight, specific strength, high corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and non-magnetic as well as high recycle index. We treat titanium, titanium alloy and shape-memory alloy.

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Features, Applications

Features Applications
Applied area Details
Light weight, High strength, Superior corrosion resistance Aircraft and Equipment for Use in Space Development Airframe, Engine parts, Rocket part, Fastener, etc.
Automobiles Connecting rod, Valves, Springs, etc.
Ships, Offshore equipment Shafts, Tubes in LNG coolers using seawater, etc.
Chemical and Petrochemical industry equipment Electrodes for NaOH electrolysis, Equipment to manufacture various chemical products, Reaction towers for sewage disposal
Nuclear and Thermal powder plants Condenser tube, Pipe and sheets, Equipment for reprocessing
Fashions Sports and Leisure Golf parts, Tennis racket, Parts for bicycles, etc.
Accessories Frames of eyeglasses, Watches, Cameras, etc.
Others Vacuum bottle, Attache case, Gas cylinder, etc.
Bio Compatibility Medical Equipment Parts of medical machine, Artificial bones, Root of dental, Pacemakers, etc.
Foods Liquor bottle, Electrodes for water electrolysis
Shape Memory and Super-Elasticity Automobiles Sensors for fuel injection valve
Home electric appliances Sensors, motors, Thermal devices, etc.
Accessories Brassiere

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