Tool Steel
Tool Steel
Tool Steel

Tool steel is one of Daido's major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold, hot, high speed and plastic mold applications.
Some of our brand steels are highly evaluated globally such as DC53 and NAK. To satidfy our customers' demands, we are pursuing high quality products and high performance technical services.

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Cold Work Tool Steel

Cold Work Tool Steel

Daido Steel's tool steels lineup for cold stamping and forging includes D2, matrix-high-speed steel, and original steel grades with high hardness and toughness.
Our products contribute to the prevention of wear, chipping and other issues that may happen in cold stamping for high tensile strength steel sheets and thick steel sheets. It is also applicable to cold working tools such as rolls and blades.

Conceptual diagram

Conceptual diagram GO40F DRM2 DRM3 DCMX DC53 DC11 GO4 GO5 GOA YK30 DEX20 DEX40

Products list

Grade Brand name Equivalent standard Characteristics Detailed information
JIS AISI WNr. Special page Brochure Technical data
Type D2 &
Work Die
DC11 SKD11 D2 eq. 1.2379
・General-purpose cold work die
DC53 - - - ・8Cr-2Mo type
・High hardness & toughness

DCMX - - - ・Matrix type cold work die steel
・High toughness, easy machining
& small dimensional change
Alloy tool
YK30 SKS93 W5
- ・Oil hardening steel
・Oil hardening steel
GO4 - - - ・Air hardening Steel
GO5 - - - ・Flame hardening Steel
GO40F - - - ・40HRC Pre-hardened steel
・Easy machining
High Speed
Tool Steel
Matrix Type
DRM2 - - - ・High hardness & toughness
・Maximum hardness 62HRC
DRM3 - - - ・High hardenability
・Maximum hardness 66HRC
High Speed
Tool Steel
DEX20 - - - ・High toughness
DEX40 - - - ・High toughness
・High strength at elevated temp.

For the latest physical property data, please see "Physical Properties“.
Values listed in the brochure may differ.

For technical information on Plastic Mold Steel in general and peripheral technologies, please see "Related Documents".

Technical Data

No. Title Publication / Source Volume & page Read the document
S03e The application of DCMX (No. SD1901) - - Open PDF file
G01 1C-1Si-8Cr-2Mo系冷間工具鋼の高温焼戻し硬さと2次硬化挙動について 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 1989年 60巻 4号 p.311-323 Go to J-STAGE site
G02 1C-1Si-8Cr-2Mo鋼の靱性に及ぼす残留オーステナイトの影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 1993年 64巻 3号 p.140-151 Go to J-STAGE site
G03 1C-8Cr系高温焼戻し冷間工具鋼の経時寸法変化におよぼす残留オーステナイト安定化の影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2000年 71巻 2号 p.141-148 Go to J-STAGE site
G04 冷間工具鋼の疲労強度に及ぼす一次炭化物分布の影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2005年 76巻 4号 p.249-257 Go to J-STAGE site
G05 冷間ダイス鋼の熱処理変寸の異方性に及ぼす晶出炭化物の影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2007年 78巻 4号 p.289-290 Go to J-STAGE site
G06 熱処理寸法の制御が容易なマトリックス冷間ダイス鋼 DCMX 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2010年 81巻 1号 p.53-60 Go to DENKI-SEIKO page
(G06e) A New Type Cold Work Die Steel with
Isotropy of Dimensional Change
“DCMX" (No. SD2006)
(Electric Furnace Steel)
2010, Vol.81, No.1, p.53-60 Open PDF file
L01 高硬度・高靭性マトリックスハイスDRM鋼の開発 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2005年 76巻 4号 p.279-286 Go to J-STAGE site
(L01e) The Development of High Hardness and
Toughness Matrix Type High Speed Tool
Steels “DRM” (No. SD2108)
(Electric Furnace Steel)
2005, Vol.76, No.4, p.279-286 Open PDF file
L02 金型用マトリックスハイスDRM鋼の実用事例 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2007年 78巻 4号 p.353-360 Go to J-STAGE site

Related Documents

No. Title Publication / Source Volume & page Read the document
H01 高張力鋼板の冷間成形での工具損傷における工具鋼種類の影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2017年 88巻 2号 p.95-100 Go to DENKI-SEIKO page
H02 高張力鋼板成形用冷間金型における表面処理品の寿命評価 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2014年 85巻 1号 p.39-46 Go to DENKI-SEIKO page
(H02e) Life Evaluation of Surface Treatments of
Mold in Cold Working of High Strength
Steel (No. SD2003)
(Electric Furnace Steel)
2014, Vol.85, No.1, p.39-46 Open PDF file
H03 パンチコーティングが及ぼす穴抜き切り口性状への影響 大同特殊鋼技報「電気製鋼」 2014年 85巻 1号 p.47-51 Go to DENKI-SEIKO page
(H03e) Effect of Punch Coating on Pierced Surface
Properties (No. SD2004)
(Electric Furnace Steel)
2014, Vol.85, No.1, p.47-51 Open PDF file

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