Die Forging
Die Forging
High-quality materials and
high technology

Daido Steel group, as a pioneer of special steels, has provided high-quality products in a variety of fields. In the future, the latest forging technology and global network among Daido Steel group will continue our service for customer solutions.

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High-speed precision Forging products

High speed forging machine

Complex Shapes and for Combined Processing

The extremely high quality of high-speed precision forging products is attained by our long year experience of high-speed closed forging technology. High-speed precision hot-forging are available for complex shapes and cold forging blanks. The products have been adopted for various parts in automobile companies and many other fields.

Automotive Products list

Automatic transmission

Pinion gear
  • Pinion gear
Internal gear
  • Internal gear
Planetary sun gear
  • Planetary sun gear
Sleeve pump impeller
  • Sleeve pump impeller
Primary cylinder
  • Primary cylinder
Hub turbine
  • Hub turbine
Clutch hub
  • Clutch hub
Driven gear
  • Driven gear
Drum clutch
  • Drum clutch

Manual transmission

Piece gear
  • Piece gear
Clutch gear
  • Clutch gear
Synchronizer hub
  • Synchronizer hub
Transmission parts
  • Transmission parts
Synchronizer sleeve
  • Synchronizer sleeve
    (Machined parts)
Synchronizer sleeve
  • Synchronizer sleeve

Cold forging blank

For transmission parts
  • For transmission parts
For side gear
  • For side gear
For pinion gear
  • For pinion gear

Cold forging

Inner cam
  • Inner cam
Drive clutch
  • Drive clutch
Parking gear
  • Parking gear

Drive-train part

  • Spider
  • Triport
Hub flange
  • Hub flange
  • Socket
Flange companion
  • Flange companion
Spindle knuckle
  • Spindle knuckle

Engine parts

  • Head
Tension pulley
  • Tension pulley
Cam shaft gear
  • Cam shaft gear

Steering parts

  • Sleeve
Valve body
  • Valve body

Bearing Products list


Bearing inner-outer ring
  • Bearing inner-outer ring
  • Bearing
Taper roller bearing outer ring
  • Taper roller bearing outer ring
  • Ball

Industrial Products list

General industrial parts

Pipe flange
  • Pipe flange
Cam disk
  • Cam disk
Stator end
  • Stator end
Castle nut
  • Castle nut
Rock nut
  • Rock nut
  • Nut
Clutch outer
  • Clutch outer
  • Flange
Swash plate
  • Swash plate

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