Welding Wire
Welding Wire
Towards new realm of
manufacturing with advanced
joining technology

DAIDO STEEL started the mass production of solid wire for the first time in Japan in 1955. We supply various kinds of welding wires such as mild steel, stainless steel and titanium as a pioneer of the solid wire for gas shield arc welding.

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Ferritic Stainless Steel “WSR series”


For the materials for automobile exhaust system, ferrite stainless steel is used to correspond to holes made due to salt damage or from the viewpoint of reduction of weight. The WSR series is the ferrite stainless steel wire for the new automobile exhaust system materials which is produced as a result of great improvement of the existing defect from various angles such as wire composition, workability, welding condition, and so on.

Innovative high weldability through use of copper coated welding consumables

  1. Wide range of appropriate welding conditions and excellent weldability
  2. Few spatters and flat bead and beautiful appearance
  3. Improving a life of contact tube
  4. Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature
  5. Excellent ductility and mechanichal properties


Butt and fillet welding of ferrite stainless steel such as automobile exhaust system

Applicable portion wire

Exhaust manifold・exhaust pipe WSR35K、WSR43KNb

Ferritic Stainless Steel WSR series

Applications Features ISO JIS AWS
WSR35K For MIG and pulsed MIG welding Improvement of corrosion resistance. - - -
WSR43KNb For MIG,pulsed MIG,MAG and pulsed MAG welding Superior corrosion resistance to conventional solid wire and metal cored wire through use of high Nb welding wire. - - -
Superior corrosion resistance in
Ar-CO2 shielding gas
- - -
Low cracking sensibility. - - -

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