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Basic Principles

1. Environmental Load Reduction and Environmental Conservation in All Business Activities

Daido Steel strictly observes and adheres to all related regulations and contracts and makes efforts to continuously contribute to environmental conservation and its improvement through efforts to save natural resources and energy, and recycling in all business activities, including purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, based on the ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

2. Contributions to society through environmentally-friendly products and environmental engineering and services
Daido Steel intends to play a leading role in promoting the recycling of iron resources in the manufacture of specialty steel products, which is the core business of the Company, and to promote the development and provision of functional materials. In terms of sales and marketing, Daido Steel will promote the development and marketing of environmentally-responsive equipment that has characteristic advantages of integrated management. Furthermore, Daido Steel is determined to utilize its accumulated technologies to proactively develop environmental businesses and contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

3. Promotion of Eco-Communication
In recognition that disclosing the contents and results of activities based on basic policies, as environmental information, is a responsibility as a corporate citizen, the Company maintains a continuous focus on environmental conservation activities while obtaining comments and understanding from many people for the information widely disclosed using various media including its Sustainability Report.

Specific Action Guidelines

1. Environmental Impact Reduction and Environmental Conservation in All Business Activities

(1) Strengthen Environmental Preservation System and Organization
Daido Steel aims to be an environmentally friendly company through efforts to improve the environment and develop a recycling-oriented economy, while strengthening and augmenting its environmental management system and organizations based on ISO environmental management system guidelines, and constantly taking action to protect the global environment on its own accord.

(2) Compliance with Environment-Related Regulations and Prompt Action
Daido Steel observes all environment-related regulations and contracts, and actively introduces technology and equipment for reducing environmental loads in an effort to reduce emissions of substances that impose a load on the environmental.

(3) Promoting the Saving of Resources, Reducing of Waste, and Recycling
Daido Steel promotes resource-saving and recycling activities to achieve a zero-emission society, by making the utmost use of scrap iron, developing recycling technology for all sorts of coproducts generated in the course of its business activities, and utilizing the byproducts of other industries.

(4) Promoting Energy Savings
From the perspective of global warming prevention, Daido Steel aims to save more energy through the promotion of environmental measures based on a medium- to long-term vision, such as improving energy efficiency in the manufacturing process and introducing energy-saving equipment.
At the same time, Daido Steel promotes environmental measures such as energy saving in offices and distribution channels for raw material procurements and product deliveries.

(5) Consideration for Biodiversity
Daido Steel endeavors to reduce its impact on biodiversity through business activities that respect biodiversity.

2. Contributions to Society through Environmentally Friendly Products and Environmental Engineering and Services

(1) Development and Provision of Environmentally Friendly Products and Equipment
Daido Steel strives to contribute to reducing environmental impact through the development of superior products, such as those with higher strength and toughness and improved resistance to heat and corrosion, and by providing functional materials that give products longer service life, reducing the number of processes, using less materials, and decreasing the weight of products.
Daido Steel is also an extensive provider of environmental equipment developed using the technologies and knowhow of the Machinery Business Division and Production Division and environmental technologies.

(2) Approach to Environmental Business and Commercialization
The notion of “development-type” environmental businesses that produce added value is required. Thus, with the keyword being harmony between recycling and nature, Daido Steel will concentrate on the development of the environmental business by using its accumulated technologies and the development of new technology.

(3) Promotion of International Technological Cooperation
Daido Steel is participating in international environmental conservation projects by providing operational guidance relating to environmental conservation, resource saving, energy saving, technology transfers, receiving trainees, and utilizing the Company’s proprietary technologies with the cooperation of related industries and countries.
In the case of overseas business development activities, Daido Steel observes the environmental standards and regulations of the partner country concerned as it continues to make improvements.

3. Promotion of Eco-Communication

(1) Reinforcement of Environment Education and Promotion of Volunteer Activities
Voluntary efforts by employees are increasingly important for reducing environmental impact in business activities. Thus, Daido Steel will continue to promote training that gives individuals a high environmental sensitivity, and positively participate in, and support, volunteer activities in the local community.

(2) Disclosure of Environmental Information
Daido Steel will promote environmental conservation activities by widely disclosing the contents and results of its environment-related activities to employees, customers, investors and local communities, and by receiving their opinions and understanding, will fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.