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Business Development

For the products that can be put into business, the company carries out the promotion of the business, development of element technology for volume production, or quality stabilization and productivity improvement. The business that is fostered at this Research & Development Center is transferred to the business department in Daido group or the new business is established to promote it to the core of the new business of Daido group.

Development Case

Sm-Fe-N series isotropic bond magnet『NITROQUENCH®』

Sm-Fe-N series isotropic bond magnet『NITROQUENCH®』

The magnet has the world highest magnetic power as the isotropic bond magnet and it is also corrosion proof. . For this reason, it can be applied to the use for the small type motor for OA or communications equipment, the pump in the water, automobile motor and magnetic sensor.

Development Theme

Magnetic powder Isotropic bonded magnet raw material powder, mass production technology
Thin-film Deposition・
Coating Products
Thin-film deposition products, process technology