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Electromagnetic Materials Research

For the data communication fields that have advanced remarkably every day and the automobile industries which have promoted the low cost fuel and safety and comfortableness, a part of major rolls to be played in the latest technogies in these fields is the high function electromagnetic materials. The company is tackling with the development of new electromagnetic materials and applied products for the purpose of realizing high function.

Development Case

Hot worked radial aeolotropic ring magnet

Hot worked radial aeolotropic ring magnet 『NEOQUENCH-DR®』

The neodymium series magnet is developed by making the bulk of the crystallized nano foil, which is manufactured by super rapid cooling, by means of hot press and hot extrusion molding. The manufacturing process of our company has made it possible to produce the magnet that can save heavy rear earth elements and has high heat resistance.
It is mainly used for the motor for electric power steering (EPS). The magnet makes it possible to realize a compact motor, smooth start and smooth rotation.

Electromagnetic boundary analysis technology

Electromagnetic boundary analysis technology

Daido Steel has built up its electromagnetic boundary analysis technology with the objective of improving the performance of products that use magnetic materials. This enables Daido to combine parameters such as heat, movement, electrical circuits and vibration, centered on magnetic field analysis. Application examples include motors, reactors, magnetizing yokes and induction heating.

Soft magnetic powder for powder magnetic cores

Soft magnetic powder for powder magnetic cores

The company carried out the insulated coating of soft magnetic powder manufactured by our own spraying method. The dust core manufactured by press forming the soft magnetic powder can be applied to the reactors for the latest HEV and solar generation or the motor magnetic core (under consideration). It can be applied more widely than the magnetic parts of the choke coil for the conventional switching power source.

Development Theme

Magnetic materials, evaluation technology Hot worked rare earth aelotropic ring magnet
Hot worked rare earth aelotropic ring magnetic shell
Next generation high function magnetic materials
Soft magnetic material, application Development of soft magnetic material
(alloy design technology, metal powder manufacturing technology)
Actual product evaluation technology of reactor
Magnetic materials for high frequency
Electromagnetic field analysis technology Motor characteristics analysis
Electromagnetic field analysis of reactor
High frequency analysis technology by electromagnetic field simulator
Various kinds of magnetic field analysis
Functional materials Development of negative electrode for Li ion battery
Development of thermo-element materials