Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Daido Steel Stainless Steel

Daido Steel is developing and producing stainless steel with properties such as free-cutting, cold workability, high-strength to meet the various needs of customers.

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Classification Characteristics DAIDO BRAND Equivalent Applications
Martensitic Free-cutting DSR03F SUS403 403 Parts for valve, electric appliance
DSR10F SUS410F2 - Machinery parts, shafts for water pump
DSR10FA SUS410F2 - Golf club head
DSR16F SUS416 416 Screw, bolt, nut, precision parts
DSR16FC SUS416 416 Screw, bolt, nut, precision parts
DSR20F SUS420F2 - Valve, machinery parts
DSR20FD SUS420F2 - Valve, machinery parts
DSR7F - - High hardness cutting parts
High-strength DSR31H SUS431 431 Heat and corrosion resistance spring, high strength and seawater-resistant machinery parts
DSR7 - - Shaft, bearing
DSR03H SUS403 403 Turbine blade, shaft
DSR20H SUS420J1 420 Tableware, shaft
DSR20HA SUS420J1 420 Tableware(hoop or sheet bar)
DSR20HB - - Corrosion resistant spring, corrosion resistant shaft
For Cold Forging DSR10U SUS410 410 Tableware(hoop or sheet bar)
DSR10UA SUS410 410 Scissors, screw
LAK41 - - Solenoid valve parts, cold working
LAK42 SUS440A 440A Shaft, linear bearing, cold working
For Cutting knife DSR1K2 SUS420J1 420 Motor shaft, machinery parts
DSR1K3 SUS420J2 420 Tableware(hoop or sheet bar)
DSR1K6 - - Stainless kitchen knife, knife
DSR1K7 - - High-grade stainless, replacement blade, scalpel
DSR1K8 - - Stainless kitchen knife, knife
Ferritic Free-cutting DSR1F - - Parts for watch, camera, gauge, precisionmachinery
DSR30F SUS430F 430F Screw, bolt, nut, parts
DSR30FA SUS430F 430F Parts for precision machinery
DSR6F - - Parts for precision machinery
Cold Workability DSR30U SUS430 430 Slotted screw, window wiper
LAK51 SUS430LX 439 Anchor bolt, for cold forging
LAK52 - - Screw for automobile, for cold forging
Austenitic Free-cutting 304BF SUS304 304 Food processor
303FL SUS303 303 Parts for precision machinery
DSH400F - - Parts for cutting electric component
DSN6 SUS304N2 - Guide pin for VTR
DSN9 - - Gasket, drilling screw
DNM110 - - Non-magnetic drill collar, spring
Corrosion Resistance SA-1 SUS836L - Seawater pump, shaft
Cold Workability DSK2U SUSXM7 304Cu Small screw, bolt
DSK3U SUS316J1 -
DSK6U - -
Precipitation Hardening Cold Workability SUS630-S SUS630 S17400 High strength bolt, shaft
DSP1H - - Medical equipment, cylinder, pin, shaft
Duplex High-strength、Corrosion Resistance DSD1H SUS329J1 329 Seawater pump, parts for chemical industry
DSD5 SUS329J4L - Seawater pump, bolt

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